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This is a collection of shots from an afternoon shoot at Taal Vista Hotel, Tagaytay City, featuring Lady Pineda.

Lady in an enticing half face shot. Took some time to get a better shot because I wanted to get the sunlight to graze her face. This is a similar shot to that of my previous post featuring Krish Pingol. I am personally stunned on how this shot came out. We tried taking full-body photos prior to this but because the Magnolia tree is short the poses were a little awkward, then I took some headshots and they came out great.
Dianne Half

Playful Lady on a squeaky pole.
Dianne Pole

This is definitely not a high fashion shot but I like how the hair was blown away to partially cover Lady’s face to add some drama. I personally like adding element(s) in my shoot, elements that do not necessarily be perceived by eyes alone but also felt.
Dianne The Hair

Dianne with an apple.
Dianne Apple

Credits to Adam Arocena for contacting me to join this adventurous shoot. Taking risks going inside the hotel grounds and having the fun shoot. 

Special thanks to both our models, Lady Pineda and Jane Cruzada, for taking the deal.
This is brought to you by nujle and skingineers

This is a collection of shots from an afternoon shoot at Taal Vista Hotel, Tagaytay City, featuring Jane Cruzada.

Jane laid her back against the grasses enjoying the shades of the tree against the burning rays of the sun that day. This defines the ‘fun’ in the term funshoot.
Jane On Grass

I find this shot catchy because of the wind adding drama to the scene making this photo dynamic and lively.
Jane Windy

Again, Jane’s hair being blown away while posing.
Jane Sitting

It was very daring for Jane to strike a post such as this (good thing she had her shorts on, hidden :)).
Jane Legs Extended

Jane with her apple
Jane Apple

Credits to Adam Arocena for contacting me to join this adventurous shoot. Taking risks going inside the hotel grounds and having the fun shoot. 

Special thanks to both our models, Lady Pineda and Jane Cruzada, for taking the deal.
This is brought to you by nujle and skingineers

What was more satisfying after visiting Nagsasa Cove again was dropping by it’s neighboring cove, Anawangin Cove.

Anawangin Cove nowadays is far more commercialized than Nagsasa. landowners there has closed there properties with fences to keep people from passing through their property. And the number of campers has volumed over the years. I bet Nagsasa and Anawangin will become the next Boracay, if not better. 😀

The ADTrekker

This shot is from a body of water just behind the cove where a part of the movie And I Love You So, starring Sam Milby and Bea Alonzo, was shot.

Portraiture and/or modeling is not my forte. It involves directing models, requires extremely awesome lighting to make it dramatic and emotional, creativity and patience. You also have to think of concepts to suit a models outfit. Sometimes, you have to think of the concept first and provide a proper costume/dress to the model, it is a lot of effort. Weew!

I usually take hundreds and hundreds of shots in a photo shoot and come up with only three to four personal favorites.

Meet Andrea Cabrera Escandor.

Andrea Cabrera Escandor - Stairs To Heaven

Andrea Cabrera Escandor - Paying With Waters

Andrea Cabrera Escandor - Running

The sunset is beautiful even without any word to describe it. The sun’s moment before it sets is one of my favorite scenery.

I enjoyed my first tour in Nagsasa Cove. Revisiting Nagsasa Cove the second time was successful. Maybe on my third visit, the sunset will still be as beautiful as this, or even better.

Being amazed when I first toured to Nagsasa Cove, I made it a point to revisit within this year 2011. There is so much to see in Nagsasa Cove. There is always something new and an overnight stay is not enough. I felt like wanting to build my own house in there. 😀

Sunset In Nagsasa Cove Full

The sun moments before it sets.

Sunset In Nagsasa Cove Wide

I visited Nagsasa Cove once again. After being amazed when I went for the first time, I made it a point to visit the place again within this year 2011. There is so much to see in Nagsasa Cove and one of this is the beautiful mountain formations.

Alps In Nagsasa Cove Zambales

I call this image the Alps of The Philippines simply because it resembles the Alps Of Europe only without the ice caps. 😀

I hope you like it. Cheers.

The city of Iligan is a sanctuary of beautiful waterfalls. Just an hour or less of ride from the  town proper, you will be able to see three of many majestic falls in Lanao del Norte.

Maria Cristina Falls

Maria Cristina Falls

Immediately after passing Agus Bridge coming from Iligan City, a turn to the left will take you to Maria Cristina Falls entrance. The entire place does not only house the majestic Maria Cristina Falls but also houses one of Mindanao’s major source of electricity, Agus VI power-plant, a nature’s park where families can spend their weekends and holidays together, and a zipline for extreme adventurers who love to shout their stresses out.

Tinago Falls

Everyone will enjoy the nature’s park. It is for general patronage . The kids will surely enjoy it as well as the elderly. It is comparable to a mini-zoo with a picnic cottages and animals such as ostriches, alligators, monkeys.
You will also enjoy the butterfly sanctuary, It was wonderfully built. Although there are not much butterfly to see, finding and taking pictures with them would be an achievement.
At the end of the nature park is the view of the river, a part of the Agus VI spillway. You will enjoy the view as much as a cliff on a beach.
The entire place was awesome, people would think that it is an ordinary park but in fact it is a powerplant that supplies much of Mindanao’s electric power.

Mimbalut Falls

Mimbalut Falls
We had little time in Mimbalut falls and the shot above is just a mug shot behind the trees covering the falls because the afternoon is about to close and we still have to go to Tinago Falls where, as they say, we would enjoy a lot more. I want to go back there and have more shots of it in the future.

Tinago Falls

Tinago Falls
So we headed up to to Tinago. We took the downstairs and were amazed by the beauty and magnificence of the place. It was awesomely and incredibly, to say the least, a cool place to be.

Tinago Falls

The entire place was filled with fun and adventure. Anywhere you go and look is nature’s gift. You will have to wear a lifejacket for safety. I do not know how to swim so it was necessary for me to wear it.
Tinago Falls - Raft
One of the highlights of the place is riding on a raft while pulling yourselves towards the falls. The wind was pushing us away and we pulled to our might until we gave up. Rarely do people reach the end of it, when the number of pullers are sufficient, its physics :D. So I was that close to the Tinago Falls, I was happy with that already. Next time when I go back, I want to reach the end of it. Hehe
Tinago Falls - Climbing The Falls
If you do want a quiet place to be, you can have a moment at the left side of the falls. You can climb the rocks that make up the falls. It was adventurous in there, and it is crazy nice. You just have to be extra cautious because some of the rocks are loose.
So that was my three falls experience. What is yours?

Filipinos are sophisticated people. Despite the advances of today’s technological world, some of its people that chose to live in the quite mountains outside the cities still live with the old times. I found my way to one of Zambales’ coves, Nagsasa Cove. It was breathtaking.

Behind the wonderful beaches, white sands, and golden sunsets was a simple life that its settlers dwell in. People here are away from high-tech electronic gadgets and even simple mechanical devices such as clips. So they were able to find a way to clip their laundries to hold it from being blown away by the wind.

Laundry Clips

The one you have just seen is a proof of the many reasons why Filipinos are ingenious. I was amazed by this Filipino character through this clip. I believe all of us Filipinos have this character and we are showing this through our daily lives. The way we work and in the things that we do inside and outside our houses. From the simplest things that we do like cooking, washing clothes, and sweeping the floor to the most complicated circuitry, chemical compositions, and mathematical equations, Filipinos can be very ingenious.

I am proud to be pinoy.


Emilio Aguinaldo Shrine is the house of the Philippines first president Emilio Aguinaldo and the house where the proclamation of Philippine Independence was announced. It was a pleasure to be able to visit a big piece of history. Located in the heart of Kawit, Cavite this monumental house stands today as a national treasure that is open for public viewing for free. The people who manage the house do accept amounts as donation for the maintenance of this national treasure, in fact, when I visited the place, restoration was on going. This blog only shows a few of the wide features of this amazing house.

One of the strange features of the house are the presence of a gargoyle of carabaos.
Emilio Aguinaldo Shrine Cow
I was lucky enough that the house was not busy that they with very few visiting people including myself. Very few that I was privileged to have a chance to take a free tour through Ate Ann (one of the staffs).

So I entered the house with full of excitement. I was very excited I almost forgot about my camera. I entered alone and it felt eerie. A little dark inside the house because it was gloomy outside.I first noticed the bowling lane inside the house. Later I found out that bowling was the favorite sport of the late Emilio Aguinaldo. Then walking on I then noticed this canon (below) lying at the center of the next room where artifacts from the past are reserved. This was just a replica as I have read.
Emilio Aguinaldo Shrine Kanyon

I roomed around and after going back where I entered the room of artifacts, I was amazed by the next artifact I saw. The sword of Emilio Aguinaldo. The sword was made from Toledo, Spain during the 19th century and was formerly owned by Spanish General Ernesto Aguirre.
Emilio Aguinaldo Shrine Sword
The sword fell when the Spaniards retreated from a fight against the forces General Emilio Aguinaldo. Many artifacts where in the gallery. The flag of the Philippines, the dress worn by Gen. Aguinaldo, the badges of the ‘Katipuneros’, Aguinaldo’s guns and bullets and many more.
Moving forward, I came across the worn out “Himno Nacional Filipino – Para Canto y Piano,” the artifact before going up the stairs up the second floor.
Emilio Aguinaldo Shrine Lyrics

The second floor was wide and full of rooms. There were also a lot of secret doors that lead you to other parts of the house and event to a tunnel to the church. Ate Ann said that these doors were designed and used by General Aguinaldo to escape if they were attacked. One of the things that attracted me the most is the piano of the family.
Emilio Aguinaldo Shrine Piano
It was old but it was beautiful. It seats near the balcony where the proclamation of Philippine independence was declared.

Then I met Ate Ann, she showed me many of the things that few were able to see. She said that these rooms has to be kept closed because when visit tours come, especially elementary or high school tours, kids may damage the structure or the kids might get hurt by falling or tipping.
So she guided me to the third and the rest of the floors. I was so amazed that my sweat was dripping all over me while my smile never stopped showing. We passed by some more rooms. The stairs were very steep. But it was not that scary to climb. The structure was sturdy.
Emilio Aguinaldo Shrine OnTop Tower
This was where look-outs are stationed in order to see if enemies are coming.
We moved back down and Ate Ann showed me the Room of General Emilio Aguinaldo. The Grand Room.
Emilio Aguinaldo Shrine Room
It was very wide. It has a safe, an old one made from wood. It also has a grand comfort room. And it also has a lot of secret doors that lead to other parts of the floor and even lead to the indoor swimming pool of the family.
Emilio Aguinaldo Shrine Bed
General Emilio Aguinaldo’s bed was wide but not long. Ate Ann jokingly said that the former general was short, as short as I do, just around 5’4″ tall. After a lot of talking, she finally showed me the way out to Gen. Emilio Aguinaldo’s resting place. I went down and took a photo of it for myself. 😀
I found my way to General Aguinaldo’s Car.
Emilio Aguinaldo Shrine Car

The entire place inside was a memory I will always remember. It was beautiful. Not your ideal dream house but will always be a part of history.
Emilio Aguinaldo Shrine House

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