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Filipinos are sophisticated people. Despite the advances of today’s technological world, some of its people that chose to live in the quite mountains outside the cities still live with the old times. I found my way to one of Zambales’ coves, Nagsasa Cove. It was breathtaking.

Behind the wonderful beaches, white sands, and golden sunsets was a simple life that its settlers dwell in. People here are away from high-tech electronic gadgets and even simple mechanical devices such as clips. So they were able to find a way to clip their laundries to hold it from being blown away by the wind.

Laundry Clips

The one you have just seen is a proof of the many reasons why Filipinos are ingenious. I was amazed by this Filipino character through this clip. I believe all of us Filipinos have this character and we are showing this through our daily lives. The way we work and in the things that we do inside and outside our houses. From the simplest things that we do like cooking, washing clothes, and sweeping the floor to the most complicated circuitry, chemical compositions, and mathematical equations, Filipinos can be very ingenious.

I am proud to be pinoy.



Who would have thought that an ice is for sale in an electricity deprived place like Nagsasa Cove, located in Zambales.
Ice For Sale In A 'Liblib' Cove

From the Municipality of Pundaquit, you take a boat to reach the beautiful cove of Nagsasa. This sort of transportation must have taken ice to Nagsasa Cove. Just a thought.

Rope Of A Boat

This is for me the easiest way. If you want the hard way, then take a trek on the wonderful mountains of Nagsasa.


This was taken during the Lateral Drift Competition at Quirino Grandstand last April 30, 2011. Late at the event, so I hurried and pull out my camera to get some shots. Luckily, I have one. Looking forward to the next Lateral Drift this May 22, 2011 at McKinley Hills [A Night Race].


Few Shots

Few Shots


Just a door knob at our house. Pretty fancy. This knob amuses me with its slick design. It is old fashioned and it is nice.

This is one type of plant that crawls in your wall. I do not really know what this is but it can be decorative at times. But there are instances that this ‘wall crawlers’ damages properties, it decays the wall cement.

Be sure to whom you should open your door. Be aware.

God sacrificed His life for our sins. He did not think about it twice, He accepted His fate for all of us. Let us celebrate this Good Friday Commemorating how God demonstrated His Love to all of Mankind.

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