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What was more satisfying after visiting Nagsasa Cove again was dropping by it’s neighboring cove, Anawangin Cove.

Anawangin Cove nowadays is far more commercialized than Nagsasa. landowners there has closed there properties with fences to keep people from passing through their property. And the number of campers has volumed over the years. I bet Nagsasa and Anawangin will become the next Boracay, if not better. 😀

The ADTrekker

This shot is from a body of water just behind the cove where a part of the movie And I Love You So, starring Sam Milby and Bea Alonzo, was shot.


The sunset is beautiful even without any word to describe it. The sun’s moment before it sets is one of my favorite scenery.

I enjoyed my first tour in Nagsasa Cove. Revisiting Nagsasa Cove the second time was successful. Maybe on my third visit, the sunset will still be as beautiful as this, or even better.

Being amazed when I first toured to Nagsasa Cove, I made it a point to revisit within this year 2011. There is so much to see in Nagsasa Cove. There is always something new and an overnight stay is not enough. I felt like wanting to build my own house in there. 😀

Sunset In Nagsasa Cove Full

The sun moments before it sets.

Sunset In Nagsasa Cove Wide

A place they call Nagsasa Cove. Located in the west of Zambales. Beautiful white sand and scenic views.
There was no electricity, but experiencing the life in there was worth it all.

Took some shots when we arrived. I sat there looking at the shores and exploring my viewfinder. I waited and waited to clear people passing by this view. It was a lot of patience. Finally, I took this shot.

Simply Beautiful Place To Relax

The sunset was beautifully breathtaking. I took this shot with a man doing something I do not know. That part of the waters was actually restricted, I did not dare come into the water, but walked on the side of the shores.
What A Man Does During Sunset

A very beautiful place to relax.


Some views share wonderful sites on the mountains of Nagasasa Cove. Another breathtaking site.

Landscaping Rocks, Shore and Mountainous Background


Landscape Moves

Took shots from these two fellow and they enjoyed it. This is one of my favorite. When I told they to look left, they did, very good models. They both have future. 😀 😀

Good Models - May Future

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