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Filipinos are sophisticated people. Despite the advances of today’s technological world, some of its people that chose to live in the quite mountains outside the cities still live with the old times. I found my way to one of Zambales’ coves, Nagsasa Cove. It was breathtaking.

Behind the wonderful beaches, white sands, and golden sunsets was a simple life that its settlers dwell in. People here are away from high-tech electronic gadgets and even simple mechanical devices such as clips. So they were able to find a way to clip their laundries to hold it from being blown away by the wind.

Laundry Clips

The one you have just seen is a proof of the many reasons why Filipinos are ingenious. I was amazed by this Filipino character through this clip. I believe all of us Filipinos have this character and we are showing this through our daily lives. The way we work and in the things that we do inside and outside our houses. From the simplest things that we do like cooking, washing clothes, and sweeping the floor to the most complicated circuitry, chemical compositions, and mathematical equations, Filipinos can be very ingenious.

I am proud to be pinoy.



Balite Falls [Amadeo, Cavite]

Previously, I presented the beauty and brilliance of Balite Falls in Amadeo

1. Take a bus/jeep bound Trece/Indang (Cavite). Ask the driver conductor (konduktor) to drop you to Manggahan.

2. Look for the Seven-Eleven store in front McDo. You will find the jeepneys that will take you to Balite, Amadeo. Ask the driver to drop you to Balite Falls. The place is well known so you will never get lost and a road signboard before reaching the place is there to tell you that you are near. It is about 15-25 minutes ride. So chill. If you have your own ride, take the same road from Manggahan to Amadeo.

3. Walk/Ride straight the cemented road towards Balite falls and you will be there in no time. You will find the place wonderful relaxing. Good luck and have fun.


There are two(2) ways in viewing the properties of your image. Using the EXIFTOOL and Right-Click-Properties. This ‘tutorial’ is useful in identifying what particular settings was the image captured. The most common and popular is what I call, because I do not have a name for it, the Right-Click-Properties.


The EXIFTOOL is (for windows) a stand-alone executable file used for viewing properties of many different types of files. This is very popular in image property viewing (i.e. Lens Zoom, Aperture, Exposure, ISO, Shutter Speed, Shutter Count, etc.). So here is how this is done.
Download the EXIFTOOL You should be able to have the or any new version
Unzip the Most probably you will have the exiftool(-k).exe file.
(The easy part) Drag and Drop your image to the exiftool(-k).exe. The windows command/console window will appear showing you the broad properties of your image including the brand and the settings of the camera used.


I do not really have a name for this type, so I name it Right-Click-Properties. This is perhaps the easiest and ready tool available for windows.
Select the image that you want to view.
Right-Click on the image
Select Properties. The General file properties should appear (if not, the details)
Select the Details Tab. There you should be able to scroll down and up to the details of your image.

There you have it. Two easy ways of viewing the properties of your image.
Hope this helps.

The Balete

Behold the beauty of nature on its roots. 😀

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