A place they call Nagsasa Cove. Located in the west of Zambales. Beautiful white sand and scenic views.
There was no electricity, but experiencing the life in there was worth it all.

Took some shots when we arrived. I sat there looking at the shores and exploring my viewfinder. I waited and waited to clear people passing by this view. It was a lot of patience. Finally, I took this shot.

Simply Beautiful Place To Relax

The sunset was beautifully breathtaking. I took this shot with a man doing something I do not know. That part of the waters was actually restricted, I did not dare come into the water, but walked on the side of the shores.
What A Man Does During Sunset

A very beautiful place to relax.


Some views share wonderful sites on the mountains of Nagasasa Cove. Another breathtaking site.

Landscaping Rocks, Shore and Mountainous Background


Landscape Moves