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What was more satisfying after visiting Nagsasa Cove again was dropping by it’s neighboring cove, Anawangin Cove.

Anawangin Cove nowadays is far more commercialized than Nagsasa. landowners there has closed there properties with fences to keep people from passing through their property. And the number of campers has volumed over the years. I bet Nagsasa and Anawangin will become the next Boracay, if not better. 😀

The ADTrekker

This shot is from a body of water just behind the cove where a part of the movie And I Love You So, starring Sam Milby and Bea Alonzo, was shot.

The sunset is beautiful even without any word to describe it. The sun’s moment before it sets is one of my favorite scenery.

I enjoyed my first tour in Nagsasa Cove. Revisiting Nagsasa Cove the second time was successful. Maybe on my third visit, the sunset will still be as beautiful as this, or even better.

Being amazed when I first toured to Nagsasa Cove, I made it a point to revisit within this year 2011. There is so much to see in Nagsasa Cove. There is always something new and an overnight stay is not enough. I felt like wanting to build my own house in there. 😀

Sunset In Nagsasa Cove Full

The sun moments before it sets.

Sunset In Nagsasa Cove Wide

I visited Nagsasa Cove once again. After being amazed when I went for the first time, I made it a point to visit the place again within this year 2011. There is so much to see in Nagsasa Cove and one of this is the beautiful mountain formations.

Alps In Nagsasa Cove Zambales

I call this image the Alps of The Philippines simply because it resembles the Alps Of Europe only without the ice caps. 😀

I hope you like it. Cheers.

The city of Iligan is a sanctuary of beautiful waterfalls. Just an hour or less of ride from the  town proper, you will be able to see three of many majestic falls in Lanao del Norte.

Maria Cristina Falls

Maria Cristina Falls

Immediately after passing Agus Bridge coming from Iligan City, a turn to the left will take you to Maria Cristina Falls entrance. The entire place does not only house the majestic Maria Cristina Falls but also houses one of Mindanao’s major source of electricity, Agus VI power-plant, a nature’s park where families can spend their weekends and holidays together, and a zipline for extreme adventurers who love to shout their stresses out.

Tinago Falls

Everyone will enjoy the nature’s park. It is for general patronage . The kids will surely enjoy it as well as the elderly. It is comparable to a mini-zoo with a picnic cottages and animals such as ostriches, alligators, monkeys.
You will also enjoy the butterfly sanctuary, It was wonderfully built. Although there are not much butterfly to see, finding and taking pictures with them would be an achievement.
At the end of the nature park is the view of the river, a part of the Agus VI spillway. You will enjoy the view as much as a cliff on a beach.
The entire place was awesome, people would think that it is an ordinary park but in fact it is a powerplant that supplies much of Mindanao’s electric power.

Mimbalut Falls

Mimbalut Falls
We had little time in Mimbalut falls and the shot above is just a mug shot behind the trees covering the falls because the afternoon is about to close and we still have to go to Tinago Falls where, as they say, we would enjoy a lot more. I want to go back there and have more shots of it in the future.

Tinago Falls

Tinago Falls
So we headed up to to Tinago. We took the downstairs and were amazed by the beauty and magnificence of the place. It was awesomely and incredibly, to say the least, a cool place to be.

Tinago Falls

The entire place was filled with fun and adventure. Anywhere you go and look is nature’s gift. You will have to wear a lifejacket for safety. I do not know how to swim so it was necessary for me to wear it.
Tinago Falls - Raft
One of the highlights of the place is riding on a raft while pulling yourselves towards the falls. The wind was pushing us away and we pulled to our might until we gave up. Rarely do people reach the end of it, when the number of pullers are sufficient, its physics :D. So I was that close to the Tinago Falls, I was happy with that already. Next time when I go back, I want to reach the end of it. Hehe
Tinago Falls - Climbing The Falls
If you do want a quiet place to be, you can have a moment at the left side of the falls. You can climb the rocks that make up the falls. It was adventurous in there, and it is crazy nice. You just have to be extra cautious because some of the rocks are loose.
So that was my three falls experience. What is yours?

Balite Falls [Amadeo, Cavite]

Previously, I presented the beauty and brilliance of Balite Falls in Amadeo

1. Take a bus/jeep bound Trece/Indang (Cavite). Ask the driver conductor (konduktor) to drop you to Manggahan.

2. Look for the Seven-Eleven store in front McDo. You will find the jeepneys that will take you to Balite, Amadeo. Ask the driver to drop you to Balite Falls. The place is well known so you will never get lost and a road signboard before reaching the place is there to tell you that you are near. It is about 15-25 minutes ride. So chill. If you have your own ride, take the same road from Manggahan to Amadeo.

3. Walk/Ride straight the cemented road towards Balite falls and you will be there in no time. You will find the place wonderful relaxing. Good luck and have fun.


Photo Showcase:

Here is How To Go To Balite Falls, Amadeo Cavite.

The Falls

Balite Falls [Amadeo, Cavite]

Balite Falls [Amadeo, Cavite]

Balite Falls [Amadeo, Cavite]
The Serenity
Balite Falls - Yoga [Amadeo, Cavite]
The Mystery
Extra Terrestrial Creatures in Balite Falls [Amadeo, Cavite]

Who would have thought that an ice is for sale in an electricity deprived place like Nagsasa Cove, located in Zambales.
Ice For Sale In A 'Liblib' Cove

From the Municipality of Pundaquit, you take a boat to reach the beautiful cove of Nagsasa. This sort of transportation must have taken ice to Nagsasa Cove. Just a thought.

Rope Of A Boat

This is for me the easiest way. If you want the hard way, then take a trek on the wonderful mountains of Nagsasa.


A place they call Nagsasa Cove. Located in the west of Zambales. Beautiful white sand and scenic views.
There was no electricity, but experiencing the life in there was worth it all.

Took some shots when we arrived. I sat there looking at the shores and exploring my viewfinder. I waited and waited to clear people passing by this view. It was a lot of patience. Finally, I took this shot.

Simply Beautiful Place To Relax

The sunset was beautifully breathtaking. I took this shot with a man doing something I do not know. That part of the waters was actually restricted, I did not dare come into the water, but walked on the side of the shores.
What A Man Does During Sunset

A very beautiful place to relax.


Some views share wonderful sites on the mountains of Nagasasa Cove. Another breathtaking site.

Landscaping Rocks, Shore and Mountainous Background


Landscape Moves

I was not able to resist the beauty that this clock holds. I am so amazed.


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