There are two(2) ways in viewing the properties of your image. Using the EXIFTOOL and Right-Click-Properties. This ‘tutorial’ is useful in identifying what particular settings was the image captured. The most common and popular is what I call, because I do not have a name for it, the Right-Click-Properties.


The EXIFTOOL is (for windows) a stand-alone executable file used for viewing properties of many different types of files. This is very popular in image property viewing (i.e. Lens Zoom, Aperture, Exposure, ISO, Shutter Speed, Shutter Count, etc.). So here is how this is done.
Download the EXIFTOOL You should be able to have the or any new version
Unzip the Most probably you will have the exiftool(-k).exe file.
(The easy part) Drag and Drop your image to the exiftool(-k).exe. The windows command/console window will appear showing you the broad properties of your image including the brand and the settings of the camera used.


I do not really have a name for this type, so I name it Right-Click-Properties. This is perhaps the easiest and ready tool available for windows.
Select the image that you want to view.
Right-Click on the image
Select Properties. The General file properties should appear (if not, the details)
Select the Details Tab. There you should be able to scroll down and up to the details of your image.

There you have it. Two easy ways of viewing the properties of your image.
Hope this helps.